Slant Precision Tweezers 100% Stainless Steel


Slant Tweezers: The Slant Tweezers will help you achieve clean-edge brows. Pluck out any stray hairs with ease.

Pointed Tweezers: The Pointed Tweezers feature a professional pointed tip, which is perfect for gripping and removing any short stubborn hairs. Create a clean and precise brow look with these tweezers.

  • Use the Slant Tweezers or the Pointed Tweezers to pluck out any stray hairs. Be sure to pull in the direction your client’s brow hairs naturally grow.

Brow Code has created the ideal tweezer range to make styling your client’s brows easy. The Brow Code tweezers have been custom-made with Japanese non-magnetic stainless steel and a Titanium Plasma Gold Finish. You can also upsell this product to your clients so they can touch up their brows in between their professional salon appointments.


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